Man pages for rte-antares-rpackage/antaresFlowbased
Run FlowBased Simulations on Antares

addTypicalDayIdAdd a flow-based typical day id column
adqH5Run the adequacy patch and save the result in an h5 format...
adqPatchRun the adequacy patch
computeFBConversion of flow-based domains into an ANtares model with...
createFBTSCreation of time series of typical days for Antares studies
flowbased-pathSet the flow-based input folder
generateReportFbGenerate html report on a typical flow-based day
identifyFirstDayIdentify the type of the first day of a study
initFlowBasedInitialization of the Antares flow-based study
plotFBPlot typical flow-based domains
plotNetPositionFBPlot a flow-based typical domain and the Net Positions...
runAppErrorRun a shiny application to visualize the real and modelled...
runAppPositionRun a shiny application to visualise the flow-based typical...
setNamesProbabilityMatrixRename the probabilityMatrix variables
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