Man pages for rte-antares-rpackage/antaresViz
Antares Visualizations

addShadowsAdd a shadow to map layers
exchangesStackPlot the exchanges of an area
limitSizeGraphUse to change limit size of graph (in Mb)
mapLayoutPlace areas of a study on a map
modRpartMake rpart from antares data
modXYMake X-Y bockey plot, interactive version
placeGeoPoints-shinyShiny bindings for placeGeoPoints
plotMapDisplay results of a simulation on a map
plot.mapLayoutPlot method for map layout
plotMapLayoutVisualize mapLayout output.
plotMapOptionsGraphical options for plotMap
plotThermalGroupCapacitiesPlot for Thermal Group Capacities
plotXYPlot density between X et Y with rbokeh
prodStackVisualize the production stack of an area
runAppAntaresVizRun app antaresViz
savePlotAsPngSave interactive plot as a png image
setInteractivityGet and set interactivity mode
stackMapplot stack and map
tsLegendPlot an interactive legend for time series plots
tsPlotplot time series contained in an antaresData object
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