Man pages for rte-antares-rpackage/antaresWeeklyMargin
Setup an 'Antares' Study for Weekly Margin Simulation

clear_wm_studyRemove Areas & BindingConstraints before Weekly Margin...
compute_all_marginsCompute upward or downward margins
compute_marginsCompute upward or downward margins
compute_monoCompute Monotone Data
create_markdownCreate directory with SMTA markdown
create_wm_clusterCreate clusters for Weekly Margins simulation
create_wm_hydro_areasCreate Others Areas Hydro setup for Weekly Margins simulation
create_wm_hydro_frCreate FR Hydro setup for Weekly Margins simulation
create-wm-load-frCreate Load TS for France
create_wm_miscCreate Misc-gen for Weekly Margins simulation
create_wm_ntcCreate Links for Weekly Margins simulation
create_wm_ntc_tpCreate Links for de/nl/be for Weekly Margins simulation
create_wm_rorCreate ROR for Weekly Margins simulation
create_wm_tsCreate load, wind & soloar time series for Weekly Margins...
create_wm_ts_frCreate Solar and Wind TS for France
draw_marginsDraw remaining capacity line chart
draw_monoDraw a Monotone
draw_prod_MCDraw Stack Production for a MC Year
draw_scenarioDraw Exchange scenario
draw_seriesDraw a time series
draw_stack_histDraw Remaining Capacity
flow_based_wmFlow Based setup for Weekly Margin Simulation
ft_margins_quantilesFlextable format for margins quantiles
get_eco2mixGet data from eco2mix via Open-RTE API
get_hydraulique_fil_de_l_eau_ecluseeGet hydraulique data drom eco2mix
get_ntcRetrieve NTC data via RTE data API
get_previousGet previous day from a date
get_proxy_infoGet proxy information
get_tokenGet a token to access RTE data API
margins_quantilesCompute margins quantiles for a couple of hours
process_data_monoProcess Monotone Data
read_capa_hydroRead Hydraulic Capacity
read_cnesRead forecast from CNES
read_eco2mixRead eco2mix data
readEnergyRead energy data for an area
read_forecast_powerRead Power Forecasts
read_forfait_oaRead EDF forfait file
read_hydro_usineRead hydro usine XML file
read_hydro_valleeRead hydro vallee XML file
read_meteologicaRead Meteologica file
read_meteologica2Read Meteologica file
read_ntcread NTC files
read_planningRead planning from suppliers
read_planning_edfRead EDF thermal file
read_pumpRead hydraulic pump files
read_thermal_trancheRead thermal XML file
render_reportRender Weekly Margin Report
run_ts_wmRun Time-series Generator for Weekly margin Simulation
setup_eco2mixSetup Eco2mix data for Weekly Margin Simulation
setupProxySetup proxy credentials
setup-wmSetup a WM simulation before running Antares
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