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formr survey framework

aggregate2sourcesaggregates two variables from two sources into one
aggregate_and_document_scaleAggregate a scale of e.g. Likert items and store the...
amigoingmadIt's easy to attach packages that overwrite functions from... formr_item_list into a data.frame for ease of use
asis_knit_childknit_child as is
choice_labels_for_valuesswitch choice values with labels
crosstabsxtabs with sensible defaults
currentGives the last element, doesn't omit missings
email_imagegenerates valid email cids
expiredHow many surveys were expired?
feedback_chunkText feedback based on groups
finishedHow many surveys were finished?
firstGives the first non-missing element
formr_aggregateAggregate data based on item table
formr_api_access_tokenConnect to formr API
formr_api_resultsGet result from formr
formr_api_sessionGet current API session Return or set URL in list form for...
formr_connectConnect to formr
formr_disconnectDisconnect from formr
formr_inline_renderrender inline text for formr
formr_item_displaysDownload detailed result timings and display counts from...
formr_itemsDownload items from formr
formr_knitknit rmarkdown to markdown for formr
formr_likertGet Likert scales
formr_post_process_resultsProcessed, aggregated results
formr_raw_resultsDownload data from formr
formr_recogniseRecognise data types based on item table
formr_renderrender text for formr
formr_render_commonmarkrender inline text for formr
formr_resultsDownload processed, aggregated results from formr
formr_reverseReverse items based on item table or a fallback_max
formr_shuffledDownload random groups
formr_simulate_from_itemsSimulate data based on item table
geom_shady_smoothiterate adding ribbons to a ggplot2 plot at varying...
get_opencpu_rdspass in the url to the RDS representation of a openCPU...
grapes-begins_with-grapescheck whether a character string begins with a string
grapes-contains-grapescheck whether a character string contains another
grapes-contains_word-grapescheck whether a character string contains another as a word
grapes-ends_with-grapescheck whether a character string ends with a string
ifelsenaLike 'ifelse()', but allows you to assign a third value to...
if_na_nullThis function makes sure you know what to expect when...
in_time_windowchecks whether the current time is in a certain time window
itemget item from survey attribute
itemsget item list from survey attributes
knit_prefixedknit prefixed
lastGives the last non-missing element
loadRDSloads an RDS object, assigns it to an object of the...
ls_by_classget functions in the environment by their class. Useful to...
markdown_custom_optionscustom markdown options for rmarkdown's pandoc
markdown_githubgithub_markdown for rmarkdown
markdown_hard_line_breakshard line breaks
miss_fracpercentage of missings for each variable in a data.frame
missingness_patternsmissingness patterns
mtmmmulti trait multi method matrix
next_daychecks whether a new day has broken (date has increased by at...
n_missingReturns the number of missings in a variable or dataset. If...
n_nonmissingReturns the number of nonmissings in a variable or dataset....
packrat_bibliographybuild a bibliography bibtex file from your packrat lockfile
print.knit_asisPrint new lines in knit_asis outputs
propsproportions table
qplot_on_barPlot normed values as a barchart
qplot_on_normalPlot a normed value on the standard normal
qplot_on_polarTime-polar plot
qplot_waffleWaffle plot
qplot_waffle_textWaffle plot (text)
qplot_waffle_tileWaffle plot (tile)
random_date_in_rangeRandom date in range
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
render_textrender text
repeat_lastrepeat last non-NA value
shuffleWithBlocksGenerate a order for elements that is shuffled in blocks
summarise_all_varsSummarises a dataset using 'tidyr::gather()' and...
take_nonmissingtake only nonmissing
text_message_clickatellSend text message via Clickatell
text_message_massenversandSend text message via
text_message_twilioSend text message via Twilio
time_passedchecks how much time has passed relative to the user's last...
word_documentword_document from rmarkdown, but has an added option not to...
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