Man pages for runehaubo/lmerTestR
Tests in Linear Mixed Effects Models

anova-lmerModLmerTest-methodANOVA Tables for Linear Mixed Models
as_lmerModLmerTestCoerce lmerMod Objects to lmerModLmerTest
contestTest of Contrasts
contest1DContrast Tests in 1D
contestMDMultiple Degrees-of-Freedom Contrast Tests
contrast_type3SASCompute Type III Contrast Matrix for a Model Term
devfun_vpCompute Deviance of an LMM as a Function of Variance...
doolittleDoolittle Decomposition
drop1.lmerModLmerTestDrop Marginal Terms from Model
general_LCompute a 'General Set of Estimable Functions'
get_contrasts_type1Type I ANOVA table contrasts
get_contrasts_type3oldCompute Type III Contrast Matrices
get_covbetaCompute cov(beta) as a Function of varpar of an LMM
get_Fstat_ddfCompute denominator df for F-test
get_model_matrixExtract or remake model matrix from model
get_rdXCompute the 'Full' Rank-Deficient Design Matrix
is_estimableEstimability of Contrasts
lmerFit Linear Mixed-Effects Models
lmerModLmerTest-classRepresent Linear Mixed-Effects Models
lsmeansLS-means for lmerTest Model Fits
qformCompute Quadratic Form
ranovaANOVA-Like Table for Random-Effects
rbindall'rbind' Multiple Objects
relativesFind which model terms 'Contain' a term
rm_complete_termsRemove Terms from Formula
show_contrastsShow LS-means Contrasts
show_testsShow Hypothesis Tests in ANOVA Tables
single_anovaANOVA Tables for Linear Mixed Models
summary-lmerModLmerTest-methodSummary Method for Linear Mixed Models
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