Man pages for rvlenth/lsmeans
Least-Squares Means

auto.noiseAuto Pollution Filter Noise
cldCompact letter display of pairwise comparisons
contrastMethods for obtaining analyses 'ref.grid' and 'lsmobj'...
extendingSupport functions for creating a reference grid
feedlotFeedlot data
fiberFiber data
glht'lsmeans' support for 'glht'
groupingCreate a grouping factor
lsmeansLeast-squares means (or predicted marginal means)
lsmeans-packageLeast-squares means
lsmipLeast-squares (predicted marginal) means interaction plot
make.tranResponse transformations
MOatsOats data in multivariate form
modelsModels supported in 'lsmeans'
nestedEfficient factor coding for nested structures
nutritionNutrition data
orangesOrange sales
pairwise.lsmcContrast families
ref.gridCreate a reference grid from a fitted model
ref.grid.classClasses '"ref.grid"' and '"lsmobj"'
summaryMethods for 'ref.grid' objects
transitionTransition to 'emmeans'
updateSet or retrieve options for objects and summaries in...
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