Man pages for rwash/surveys
Functions to assist with loading and analyzing surveys

add1.item.scaleIteratively add items to a scale and recompute scale measures
add_attention_checkAttention Check questions
add_multiple_choiceAdd a new set of multiple choice options
add_question_typeNew question type.
alt_alphaAlternative way of calculating cronbach's alpha
apply_columnsApply a function to specific columns
combine_namesCreate all combinations of sets of strings
detect.questionQuestion Auto-Detect
detect.surveySurvey Cleaning Auto-detect
drop1.item.scaleIteratively drop items from a scale and recompute scale...
factanalConduct a factor analysis
factanal.item.scaleConduct a factor analysis on the items of an 'item.scale'
factorsetIdentify a set of candidate questions for new factors.
ignore_questionIgnore a specific question
item.scaleFunctions to form a scale from a set of survey items
load_surveyLoad a survey dataset from a file
make_columns_numericAdd numeric versions of columns
mfCreate a formula from a list of variable names
multiplotMultiple plot function
plot.factorsetDraw a plot of a factorset
plot.item.scaleGenerate a set of histograms for the items in an 'item.scale'
plot_listGenerate a series of histograms for all of the questions in...
plot_questionGenerate a histogram of the responses to a single survey...
print.factorsetPrint a summary of a factorset
print.item.scalePrints information about an 'item.scale' object
print.summary.item.scalePrints out long summary information about an 'item.scale'
remove_question_typeRemove a question type from the auto-detector
standardizeFunction to standardize an item or scale.
summary.item.scaleCalculates additional summary data about an 'item.scale'
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