Man pages for rwehrens/alsace
ALS for the Automatic Chemical Exploration of mixtures

alsace-packageAlternating Least Squares in an Analytic Chemistry...
componentsFunctions to assess and refine ALS components
correctPeaksCorrect peak positions according to a ptw warping model
correctRTRetention time correction for ALS chromatographic profiles
doALSWrapper function for als, plus some support functions
filterPeaksFilter peak lists
fitpeaksFit chromatographic peaks with a gaussian profile
getAllPeaksExtract all peaks from the chromatographic profiles of an ALS...
getPeakTableConvert MCR results into an ordered peak table
opaFinding the most dissimilar variables in a data matrix: the...
preprocessPreprocessing smooth time-wavelength data
showALSresultPlot ALS results in a more elaborate way
teaHLPC-DAD data for grape extracts conserved with TEA
teaMergedResults of an ALS analysis on individual windows
windowsSplitting and merging of data across the time axis.
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