Man pages for s-fleck/tabde
Define and Check The Structure of Data Frames and Database Tables

as_col_positionsConvert table_design_fwf to col_positions for readr
as_col_specConver Character Data Type Description to 'readr::col_spec'
as_sqlGenerate an SQL CREATE TABLE Statement From a tabde Table...
as_table_designCoerce object to table_design
df_typecastTypecast columns of a data.frame
get_tabdeGet table description from data.frame
matches_tabdeCheck If a Data Frame Matches a Table Design
read_tabdeRead a table defintion file
sql_create_tableGenerate SQL CREATE TABLE statements
tabdetabde: Define and Check The Structure of Data Frames and...
td_freadRead csv files fast using the data.table package and...
use_tabdeUse table design file
valuesValue-Domains For Columns in Table Designs
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