Man pages for s-mckay-curtis/mcmcplots
Create Plots from MCMC Output

as.mcmc.bugsConvert a bugs Object to an mcmc or mcmc.list Object
as.mcmc.rjagsConvert an rjags Object to an mcmc or mcmc.list Object.
autplot1Autocorrelation Plot of MCMC Output
caterplotCaterpillar Plots of MCMC Output
caterpointsPoints on a "caterplot"
convert.mcmc.listConvert an object to mcmc.list object
corplotPlot a Correlation Matrix
denoverplotOverlaying Densities for Parameters from two MCMC...
denoverplot1Plot Overlaying Densities
denplotDensity Plots for MCMC Parameters on a Single Plot
grayprCreate a Gray Plotting Region
html.beginInitialize an html file for use in the mcmcplot function.
html.endComplete the html file for use in mcmcplot
html.imgInsert an image into an html file
mcmcplotDiagnostics Plots for MCMC in HTML format
mcmcplot1MCMC Diagnostics Plots for one Model Parameter
mcmcplots-packagePlots for MCMC Output
mcmcplotsPaletteColor Palette for the mcmcplots Package
parcorplotCorrelation Plot for MCMC Draws of Model Parameters
parms2plotMatches groups of parameters to plot in MCMC diagnostics...
rmeanplotRunning Mean Plots of Multiple Parameters
rmeanplot1Running Mean Plot for a Single Parameter in MCMC Output
to.greekParse strings containing names of greek letters.
traplotTraceplots of Multiple Parameters.
traplot1Trace Plot for a Single Parameter in MCMC Output
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