Man pages for saberpowers/causalLearning
Methods for heterogeneous treatment effect estimation

bagged.causalMARSFit a bag of causal MARS models
causalBoostingFit a causal boosting model
causalMARSFit a causal MARS model
cv.causalBoostingFit a causal boosting model with cross validation
pollinated.rangerPollinate a fitted ranger random forest model
predict.bagged.causalMARSMake predictions from a bag of fitted causal MARS models
predict.causalBoostingMake predictions from a fitted causal boosting model
predict.causalMARSMake predictions from a fitted causal MARS model
predict.causalTreeMake predictions from a fitted causal tree model predictions from a fitted cross-validated causal...
predict.pollinated.rangerMake predictions from a pollinated ranger random forest model
predict.PTOforestMake predictions from a fitted PTO forest model
PTOforestFit a pollinated transformed outcome (PTO) forest model
stratifyGet propensity strata from propensity scores
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