Man pages for saberry/lkrt
Gives Likert response options labels to items

CompleteDisCompleteAgrCompletely disagree to Completely agree
ExtUnlikelyExtLikelyExtremely unlikely to Extremely likely
genderMaleFemaleMale and Female Response Option
HighDissHighSatHighly dissatisfied to Highly satisfied
lkrt-packageAutomatically give labels to various response option formats.
neverAlwaysNever to Always
noGreatImportanceNot at all to A great deal
notAtAllGreatDealNot at all to A great deal
notExtremelyRelevantNot at all to A great deal
poorOutorExPoor to Outstanding/Excellent
StrongDisStrongAgrStrongly disagree to Strongly agree
VeryDissVerySatVery dissatisfied to Very satisfied
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