Man pages for sachserf/repres
A framework for project organisation

assign_missing_paramsAssign missing params
autosnapshotAutomatically stage all changes and commit
breakpointBreakpoint for input_files
copy_instCopy installed files
dput_functionDput a function
feframework version of file.edit
git_initInitialize a git repo
insert_srcmake_addinInsert source('make.R') to console
instructions_checkCheck specified instructions
instructions_executeExecute your instructions!
instructions_implementImplement specified instructions
instructions_preparePrepare Instructions
instructions_specifySpecify instructions!
instructions_supplementRound out your instructions!
instructions_symlinkReorganize your output!
packageInitialize a framework-package
pkg_cranInstall and attach packages
pkg_ghInstall and attach packages
project_frameworkInitialize a framework-project
rm_symlink_dirUnlink directory containing symlinks only
Rproj_initInitialize an RStudio-project
skeletonCreate a framework-project skeleton
srcmake_addinExecute source('make.R')
summary_gitWrapper for git2r::summary
summary_instructionsSummarize what has been done!
summary_logwrite a log entry
summary_memory_usagecalculate memory usage
summary_warningsSummarize warnings in a framework project
template_makeWrite a predefined file make.R
template_paramsWrite params to file
template_rmdCreate a template script-file
write_dataframeWrite a bunch of dataframes
write_logwrite a log entry
write_session_infoWrite a file with current session info
write_treeTree-view a directory structure
write_warningsAppend _warnings.Rout of current input files
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