Man pages for sachsmc/plotROC
Generate Useful ROC Curve Charts for Print and Interactive Use

calc_aucCalculate the Area under the ROC curve
calculate_multi_rocCalculate the Empirical ROC curves for multiple biomarkers
calculate_rocCalculate the Empirical ROC curve
direct_labelAdd direct labels to a ROC plot
export_interactive_rocGenerate svg code for an ROC curve object
geom_rocEmpirical Receiver Operating Characteristic Curve
geom_rocciConfidence regions for the ROC curve
getD3Reads included JavaScript functions and returns them as a...
ggrocPlot an ROC curve
melt_rocTransform biomarkers stored as wide to long
multi_ggrocPlot multiple ROC curves
plot_interactive_rocGenerate a standalone html document displaying an interactive...
plot_journal_rocPlot an ROC curve for use in print
plotROCTools for plotting ROC Curves
roc_keyKey for ROC geom
shiny_plotROCStart the plotROC Shiny app
stat_rocCalculate the empirical Receiver Operating Characteristic...
stat_rocciCalculate confidence regions for the empirical ROC curve
style_rocAdd guides and annotations to a ROC plot
verify_dCheck that D is suitable for using as binary disease status
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