Man pages for sachsmc/pseupersims
Simulation Study for Predicting Pseudo-observations in Survival Analysis with Superlearner

add_pseudo_obsAdd pseudo observations to a data frame
analyze_simAnalyze simulation results
calc_rocCompute the time-varying cause-specific ROC curve using...
generate_dataGenerate survival data for analysis
method.pseudoAUCPseudo AUC SuperLearner method
optimize_aucOptimize the time varying AUC
pseudoci.weightedPseudo observations for the weighted cumulative incidence...
run_one_perturbRun one replicate of the experiment
run_one_replicateRun one replicate of the experiment
shift_predPerturbation algorithm to get local slopes
stupidlearner_estimateFor testing purposes
superlearner_binaryestimateRun the superlearner model with binary indicator as the...
superlearner_estimateRun the superlearner model with pseudo observations as the...
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