Man pages for sagargupta10/credit_metrics

add_biz_columnAdds a biz id column but keeps bid
cat_functionA Cat Function
get_bizbid_mapGets the bizid bid map
get_credit_customersGets credit customer data
get_customer_transactionsTakes Payments Data and gives transactions by bizid and date
get_jt_storenamedataGets store names data
getmonthlysheetA payment data extraction function
get_payments_dataWrapper around paymetns data that only loads paymentsdata if...
get_paymentsdata_sqliteLoad Payments Data since Jan to most recent available
load_cheques_dataLoad Cheque Data since Jan to most recent available
load_orders_dataLoad Orders Data since April 16, 2016 to recent available
load_payments_dataPayment data extraction & cleaning function
swap_month_dayA date utility function
update_pmtsdata_sqliteAnother payment data extraction function
write_to_gsWrites Function to Googlesheet
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