Man pages for sahirbhatnagar/eclust
Environment Based Clustering for Interpretable Predictive Models in High Dimensional Data

plot.eclustPlot Heatmap of Cluster Summaries by Exposure Status
plot.similarityFunction to generate heatmap
r_cluster_dataCluster data using environmental exposure
r_prepare_dataPrepare data for regression routines
s_generate_dataGenerate linear response data and test and training sets for...
s_generate_data_marsGenerate non linear response and test and training sets for...
simdataSimulated Data with Environment Dependent Correlations
s_mars_clustFit MARS Models on Simulated Cluster Summaries
s_mars_separateFit Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines on Simulated...
s_modulesSimulate Covariates With Exposure Dependent Correlations
s_pen_clustFit Penalized Regression Models on Simulated Cluster...
s_pen_separateFit Penalized Regression Models on Simulated Data
s_responseGenerate True Response vector for Linear Simulation
s_response_marsGenerate True Response vector for Non-Linear Simulation
tcgaovSubset of TCGA mRNA Ovarian serous cystadenocarcinoma data
u_cluster_similarityCluster similarity matrix
u_extract_selected_earthGet selected terms from an earth object
u_extract_summaryCalculates cluster summaries
u_fisherZCalculate Fisher's Z Transformation for Correlations
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