Man pages for sailuh/topicflowr
Topic Flow

CalculateHighestTopicCosineSimilarityCalculate Maximimum Likehood Topic
CalculateLDAModelsInKSetCreate Topic Models from 1 to k
CalculateLDAModelsInKSetOldCalculate LDA Models up to N Old
CalculateLDAModelsUpToNCalculate LDA Models up to N
CalculateTopicFlowCalculate Topic Flow
ChooseKLDAModelsPerplexityChoose K through Perplexity
cosinePCACalculate LDAvis Topic Cosine Similarity
exportDocumentTermMatrixExport Document Term Matrix
exportTopicTermMatrixExport Topic Term Matrix
filterCorpusPrototype Function to Filter Corpus
GetDocumentsAssignedToTopicKGet Documents Assigned to Topic K
GetDocumentsOfTopTopicKGet Documents of Topic K
GetDocumentsPerTopicCountGet Documents per Topic Count
GetDocumentTopicMatricesGet Document Topic Matrices
GetTopicTermMatricesGet Topic Term Matrices
isSameTopicAndSameCVEValidate if Topics Group or not emails from same CVE ID
ListTermTFIDFList Term TF-IDF
loadFilesLoad Corpus Files
PlotLDAModelsPerplexityPlot LDA Models Perplexity
plotLDAVisLocalhost Interactive Topic Visualization
PlotTermTFIDFPlot Term TF-IDF
PrintTermTFIDFPrint Terms TF-IDF
PrintTopicsTopTermPrints Topics Top Term
rawToLDARaw to LDA
testConceptSimilarityExport Leximancer to Topic Flow
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