Man pages for sambaala/linkspotter
Bivariate Correlations Calculation and Visualization

BeEFdiscretization.numfactBeEF: Best Equal-Frequency discretization
BeEFdiscretization.numnumBeEF: Best Equal-Frequency discretization (for a couple of...
clusterVariablesVariable clustering (using Normal Mixture Modeling for...
corCouplesToMatrixCouples to matrix
createShinyAppFolderReady-for-deployment shiny app folder creation
linkspotterCompleteLinspotter complete runner
linkspotterGraphLinspotter graph runner
linkspotterGraphOnMatrixLinspotter graph on matrix
linkspotterOnFileProccess Linkspotter on an external file
linkspotterUILinspotter user interface runner
matrixToCorCouplesMatrix to couples
maxNMIMaximal Normalized Mutual Information (MaxNMI)
multiBivariateCorrelationCalculation of all the bivariate correlations in a dataframe
NormalizedMIMaximal Normalized Mutual Information (MaxNMI) function for 2...
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