Welcome to the guelph package! Build Status

This package has been created for the STAT547 class, and was made to manage factors in a less headache-inducing way. Guelph contains the following functions: fbind() - combine two factors freq_out() - create a frequency table for the occurences of levels in a factor countlevels() - check which rows of factors in your data.frame should or shouldn't be factors factorchars() - quickly convert a specified column from a factor to a character


Guelph can be installed with devtools devtools::install_github("samhinshaw/guelph") and loaded with library(guelph)

Some Notes

1. Further Goals

If I had more time, I would combine the functions countlevels() and factorchars(). This would allow me to easily check if a column has the same number of levels as rows, and coerce it to characters!

2. Problems in Development

First off, I'm still not sure what the deal with the vignettes is. I seem to have generated one, but it's just the template vignette with nothing useful. Is this an .Rmd file that I should be editing manually that then gets rendered to HTML and PDF (via latex)?

Next, I had a lot of trouble passing checks in the beginning! It turns out that I had used tbl_df() in test_freq_out.R, and using importFrom(dplyr, "tbl_df()") wasn't enough, I needed to import the entire package (import(dplyr)), so I changed

#' @importFrom dplyr %>%
#' @importFrom dplyr tbl_df()


#' @import dplyr

In my guelph-package.R file, and re-ran document(). It worked!

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