Man pages for samirtouzani/GBMbaseline
Gradient boosting machine for building energy modeling

clean_eloadClean the elaod data
clean_TempClean the Temperature data
days_off_varCreate a new binary variable based on the dates of days off...
gbm_baselineGradient boosting machine baseline model function.
gbm_fit_plotPlot training period data
gbm_plotPlot training and prediction periods data
gbm_pred_plotPlot prediction period data
gbm_tuneGradient boosting machine tuning function.
k_dblocks_cvK-fold-day cross validation function.
k_wblocks_cvK-fold-week cross validation function.
pred_accuracyPrediction accuracy metrics computation
time_formatConvert the timestapms into the default format
time_varCreate new variables based on the timestamps.
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