Man pages for sampoll/rhdf5client
Access HDF5 content from h5serv

ascoercion for remote array to remote matrix
datasetFind a dataset on source from its name
dimHDF Server content is assumed transposed relative to R matrix...
dimnamesdimnames not stored with H5S_source as of Jan 2018
domainsHSDS server domains accessor
dsmetalist information about datasets available in an H5S_source
extract_arrayAccess dataset backed by an HSDSArraySeed
extract-methodsextract elements from H5S_dataset
fetchDatasetsfetch datasets of a hdf5 file from the hsds server
getData-methodsFetch data from a remote dataset
getDatasetAttrsgetDatasetAttrs from hsds server
getDatasetSlicegetDatasetSlice from hsds server
getDatasetUUIDsgetDatasetUUIDs from hsds server
getDimsgetDims from hsds server
getHRDFgetHRDF from hsds server
getReqlist information about server content available in an...
groups-methodsHDF5 server data groups accessor
H5S_Arraycreate H5S_Array instance given url (filepath) and entity...
H5S_Array-classextension of DelayedArray for HDF Server content
H5S_ArraySeed-classH5S_Array for HDF Server content
H5S_datasetconstruct H5S_dataset object
H5S_dataset2H5S_dataset2 for datasets in hsds server
H5S_Matrix-classextension of DelayedMatrix for HDF Server content
H5S_source-classH5S_source identifies an HDF5/HSDS server and manages some...
HSDSArrayA DelayedArray backend for accessing a remote HDF5 server.
HSDSArraySeedHSDSArraySeed for HSDSArray backend to DelayedArray
HSDSDatasetConstruct an object of type HSDSDataset
HSDSDataset-classAn S4 class to represent a dataset in a HDF5 file.
HSDSFileConstruct an object of type HSDSFile
HSDSFile-classAn S4 class to represent an HDF5 file accessible from a...
hsdsInfoHSDS server get request accessor
HSDSMatrixDelayedMatrix subclass for a two-dimensional HSDSArray
HSDS_Matrixsimplify construction of DelayedMatrix from url and path in...
HSDS_Matrix_OLDsimplify construction of DelayedMatrix from url and path in...
HSDSSourceConstruct an object of type HSDSSource.
HSDSSource-classAn S4 class to represent a HDF5 server listening on a port.
internalDimacquire internal HDF5 dimension information for matrix
linksaccess for link metadata for HDF5 server groups
listDatasetsSearch inner file hierarchy for datasets
setPathset path for hsds server resource
sprocisplit converts a numeric vector into a list of sequences for...
targetsprovide the full URLs for link members
transfermodereplace transfer mode
URL_h5servmanage h5serv URL
URL_hsdsmanage hsds URL
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