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Public Channels List Multi-Select Menu Element


This multi-select menu will populate its options with a list of public channels visible to the current user in the active workspace. A multi-select menu allows a user to select multiple items from a list of options. Just like regular select menus, multi-select menus also include type-ahead functionality, where a user can type a part or all of an option string to filter the list. To use interactive components, you will need to make some changes to prepare your app. Read our guide to enabling interactivity. Works with block types: Section Input


  initial_channels = NULL,
  confirm = NULL,
  max_selected_items = NULL



A plain_text only text_object that defines the placeholder text shown on the menu. Maximum length for the text in this field is 150 characters.


An identifier for the action triggered when a menu option is selected. You can use this when you receive an interaction payload to identify the source of the action. Should be unique among all other action_ids in the containing block. Maximum length for this field is 255 characters.


A list of one or more IDs of any valid public channel to be pre-selected when the menu loads.


A confirm_object that defines an optional confirmation dialog that appears before the multi-select choices are submitted.


Specifies the maximum number of items that can be selected in the menu. Minimum number is 1.

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