Man pages for samuel-rosa/pedometrics
Miscellaneous Pedometric Tools

adjR2Adjusted coefficient of determination
bbox2spCreate Spatial object from a bounding box
buildMSBuild a series of linear models using automated variable...
cdfPlotPlot estimated cumulative distribution function with...
cdfStatsDescriptive statistics of the cumulative distribution...
cdfTableTable with descriptive statistics of an estimated cumulative...
checkGMUEvaluation of geostatistical models of uncertainty
cont2catCategorize/stratify continuous variable(s)
coordenadasPrepare object for argument 'design' of 'spsurvey.analysis()'
cramerAssociation between categorical variables
gcpDiffDifference on xyz coordinates between ground control points
gcpVectorCalculate module and azimuth
numintTests for data types
optimRandomForestOptimum number of iterations to de-bias a random forest...
pedometrics-packagePedometric Tools and Techniques
plotCorCorrelation plot
plotESDAPlots for exploratory spatial data analysis (ESDA)
plotHDHistogram and density plot
plotMSModel series plot
rowMinCppReturn the minimum value in each row of a numeric matrix
statsMSObtain performance statistics of a series of linear models
stepVIFVariable selection using the (generalized) variance-inflation...
trendExtract spatial trend data
vgmICPInitial covariance parameters (ICP)
vgmLagsLag-distance classes for variogram estimation
vgmSCVSpatially correlated variance (SCV)
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