Man pages for samuelfranssens/rlibrary
library with functions I often use

cohendA function that will give the confidence interval around...
demographicsA function that gives the demographics of a dataset
differencesA function that takes two means, sd's, n's and gives lower...
get_qualtricsA function get Qualtrics data
graph.experimentBoxplots and barplots for two X variables
graph.interactionBoxplots and barplots for two X variables
mediation.summaryA function that summarizes the output of a bootstrap...
read_qualtricsA function to read qualtrics CSV files
remove_duplicatesA function that removes duplicates from a dataset
summarySEA function that "Gives count, mean, standard deviation,...
wide2longA function to convert datasets from wide to long format
writecontrastA function for calculating (complicated) contrasts
writesimplecontrastA function for comparing two cell means
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