Man pages for samuelfranssens/rlibrary
library with functions I often use

cohendA function that will give the confidence interval around...
demographicsA function that gives the demographics of a dataset
differencesA function that takes two means, sd's, n's and gives lower...
get_qualtricsA function get Qualtrics data
ggplot2.barplotA helper function for onefactor and twofactor
ggplot2.boxplotA helper function for onefactor and twofactor
mediation.summaryA function that summarizes the output of a bootstrap...
onefactorBoxplots and barplots for one X variable
read_qualtricsA function to read qualtrics CSV files
remove_duplicatesA function that removes duplicates from a dataset
spssanovaA function that generates the same ANOVA output as SPSS does....
summarySEA function that "Gives count, mean, standard deviation,...
twofactorsBoxplots and barplots for two X variables
wide2longA function to convert datasets from wide to long format
writecontrastA function for calculating (complicated) contrasts
writesimplecontrastA function for comparing two cell means
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