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SK's Tools

anova_multiConducts One-Way ANOVAs on Multiple DVs
anova_multi_allConducts One-Way ANOVAs on Multiple DVs at Multiple Cut...
corr_summaryClean corr.test output
descriptivesDataframe Descriptives and Frequencies
distinct_2colRemove duplicates based on two columns, ignoring their order
frequenciesDataframe Frequencies
hangouts_chat_messageSends a message to room in Hangouts Chat using a configured...
insertInAddinInsert in in RStudio
install_skInstall commonly used packages
list_namesList Variable Names
num2letterConvert number to equivalent letter
quality_checkChecks quality of data in a data frame
qualtrics_prior_distrosGet prior distributions for a survey
read_excel_allRead an entire Excel file workbook (using readxl functions)
read.xlsx.allRead an entire Excel file workbook (using openxlsx functions)
setwd_scriptSets working directory to current script's location
SKTools'SKTools' package
ttest_allConduct T-Tests at every nth percentile for list of IVs and...
update_github_pkgsUpdate Packages from Github
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