Man pages for sassoftware/R-swat
SAS Scripting Wrapper for Analytics Transfer (SWAT)

as.casDataFrameConvert an R Data Frame to a CAS Data Frame
as.casTableUpload an Object to a CAS Table
CAS-classCAS Object Class
cas.closeClose a CAS connection while leaving the session alive
cas.countCount of Nonmissing Values
cas.cssCorrected Sum of Squares
cas.cvCoefficient of Variation
casDataFrame-classCAS Data Frame Class
casFormulaCAS Function to extract information from an R formula object
cas.maxMaximum Values
cas.meanAverage Values
cas.medianMedian Values
cas.minMinimum Values
cas.modeMode Value
cas.nmissNumber of Missing Values
cas.probtP-Value of the T-Statistics
cas.quantileQuantile and Percentile Values a CSV File and Upload to a CAS Table a JMP File to a CAS Table
cas.readRDSRead an RDS File and Upload to a CAS Table a SAS Data Set to a CAS Table a File and Upload to a CAS Table an XLSX File and Upload to a CAS Table
casRetrieveUtility function that is run from several exported functions.
cas.saveRDSWrite a CAS Table to RDS
cas.sdStandard Deviation
cas.stderrStandard Error
cas.sumColumn Sums
CASTable-classCAS Table Object
CASTable-ExtractExtract Columns from a CAS Table
cas.terminateEnd a CAS session and close the connection
cas.tvalueT-Statistics for Hypothesis Testing
cas.uploadUpload a data.frame or file to a CAS table
cas.upload.fileUpload a data file to a CAS table
cas.upload.frameUpload a data.frame to a CAS table
cas.ussUncorrected Sum of Squares
cas.write.csvWrite a CAS Table to a CSV File
cas.write.csv2Write a CAS Table to a CSV File
cas.write.tableWrite a CAS Table to a Table
cas.write.xlsxWrite a CAS Table to a Microsoft Excel Workbook
cbind2.casTableCombine CAS Tables by Columns
cbind.casTableCombine CAS Tables by Columns
colMeans-CASTable-methodColumn Means
colnames-CASTable-methodColumn Names in a CAS Table
colSums-CASTable-methodColumn Sums
defCasTableCreate a CASTable Object for an Existing CAS Table
dim-CASTable-methodDimensions of a CAS Table
dimnames-CASTable-methodDimension Names of a CAS Table
dropTableRemove a CAS Table
generatedFunctionsCommon Page for CAS Actions
head-CASTable-methodReturn the First Part of a CAS Table
is.castableTest if an Object is a CAS Table
length-CASTable-methodNumber of Columns in a CAS Table
listActionParmsList CAS Action Parameters by Name
listActionSetsList CAS Action Sets
loadActionSetLoad a CAS Action Set
max-CASTable-methodMaximum Values
mean-CASTable-methodMean Value for a Single Column
median-CASTable-methodMedian Values
min-CASTable-methodMinimum Value
names-CASTable-methodNames of a CAS Table
ncol-CASTable-methodNumber of Columns in a CAS Table
nrow-CASTable-methodNumber of Rows in a CAS Table
rbind2.casTableCombine CAS Tables by Rows
rbind.casTableCombine CAS Tables by Columns
rbind-CASTable-methodCombine CAS Tables by Rows
rownames-CASTable-methodRow Names of a CAS Table
runActionRun a CAS Action by Name
show-casDataFrame-methodCAS data frame show method
subset.casTableReturn a Subset of Rows and Columns from a CAS Table
summary-CASTable-methodSummary Statistics
swatSWAT: SAS Wrapper for Analytics Transfer (SWAT)
tail-CASTable-methodReturn the Last Part of a CAS Table
to.casDataFrameConvert a CAS Table to a CAS Data Frame (Download) a CAS data frame to an R Data Frame
unique-CASTable-methodExtract Unique Values from a CAS Table
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