Man pages for sbihorel/neldermead
R Port of the 'Scilab' Neldermead Module

costf.transposexCost Function Call
fminbndComputation of the constrained minimimum of given function...
fminbnd.functionfminbnd Cost Function Call
fminbnd.outputfunfminsearch Output Function Call
fmin.gridsearchGrid evaluation of an unconstrained cost function
fminsearchComputation of the unconstrained minimum of given function...
fminsearch.functionfminsearch Cost Function Call
fminsearch.outputfunfminbnd Output Function Call
neldermeadS3 neldermead object
neldermead.algoNelder-Mead Algorithm
neldermead.destroyErase a neldermead object.
neldermead.functionCall Cost Function.
neldermead.getGet the value for the given element
neldermead-packageR port of the Scilab neldermead module
neldermead.restartRestart neldermead search.
neldermead.searchStarts the optimization
neldermead.setNeldermead Object Configuration
neldermead.startupSecondary functions for
optimgetQueries an optimization option list
optimsetConfigures and returns an optimization data structure.
optimset.methodDefault set of optimization options
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