Man pages for sbihorel/optimbase
R port of the Scilab optimbase module

assertsCheck of Variable Class
onesMatrix of zeros or ones.
optimbaseS3 optimbase classes
optimbase.checkboundsCheck bounds.
optimbase.checkcostfunCheck Cost Function
optimbase.checkshapeCheck the Dimensions of the Cost Function Output
optimbase.checkx0Check Consistency of Initial Guesses
optimbase.destroyErase an optimization history.
optimbase.functionCall Cost Function
optimbase.getGet the value for the given element
optimbase.gridsearchGrid evaluation of a constrained or unconstrained cost...
optimbase.hasboundsQuery for Bounds and Constraints
optimbase.incriterIteration Log Incrementation
optimbase.isfeasibleCheck Point Estimate
optimbase.isinboundsPoint Estimate Comparison with Bounds and Constraints
optimbase.logOptimbase Log functions
optimbase.outputcmdCall user-defined output function
optimbase.outstructCreate Basic Optimization Data Object
optimbase-packageR port of the Scilab optimbase module
optimbase.proj2bndsProjection of Point Estimate to Bounds
optimbase.setOptimization Object Configuration
optimbase.terminateEvaluation of Termation Status
sizeVector, Matrix or Data.Frame Size
strvecAuto-collapse of Vectors
transposeVector and Matrix Transpose
vec2matrixVector to Matrix Conversion
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