Man pages for sboysel/boysel
A collection of miscellaneous R functions

as_numericConverting factors to numeric
catfPrint the contents of a file
clearRemove all objects in an environment
cvCoefficient of Variation
group_demeanSubtract mean values by grouping factor
logicalLogical operators
most_freqCalculate most frequently occuring value in a vector
nCount the number of non-NA observations in a vector
notes_pdfR Markdown Notes Template (PDF)
project_templateCreate new project
read_textData I/O convenience functions
recodeFlexible vector recoding
reshape_stataReshape the Stata way
sample_dfRandomly sample a data.frame
scaling-functionsNumeric vector rescaling functions
shuffleShuffle an object
stringsString / text processing functions
sumstatsSimple summary statistics
symdiffSymmetric set difference
temp_dirCreate a temporary directory
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