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Multiple Imputation for Informative Censoring

col.headingsSpecify the columns of the data frame required by score...
cox.zphTest Cox proportional hazards assumption
ExtractSingleExtract a single risk score/gamma imputed data set/model fit
gammaImputePerform gamma-Imputation for a given data set
GammaImputedData.object'GammaImputedData' object
GammaImputedSet.object'GammaImputedSet' object
GammaStatList.object'GammaStatList' object
GammaStat.object'GammaStat' object
ImputeStatS3 generic to fit model(s) to risk score/gamma Imputed...
InformativeCensoring-packagePerform methods of multiple imputation for time to event data
MakeTimeDepScoreCreate a valid 'ScoreTD' object
NN.optionsCreate a list of options which control the nearest neighbour...
ScoreImputePerform risk score multiple imputation method
ScoreImputedData.object'ScoreImputedData' object
ScoreImputedSet.object'ScoreImputedSet' object
ScoreIndSimulated time to event data with 5 time independent...
ScoreStat.objectScoreStat object
ScoreStatSetS3 generic to create a 'ScoreStatSet' object
ScoreStatSet.objectAn object which contains the test statistic and estimators...
ScoreTD.objectA 'ScoreTD' object
ScoreTimeDepSimulated time dependent variables for time to event data
summary.ScoreStatSetSummary object of 'ScoreStatSet' object
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