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Multiple Imputation for Recurrent Events

ConstantRateDropCreate a Dropout Mechanism with constant dropout rate
copy_referenceCreate a copy reference 'ImputeMechanism' object
CreateNewDropoutMechanismA function which creates a DropOut Mechanism object
CreateNewImputeMechanismA function which creates an Impute Mechanism object
CreateScenarioCreate 'Scenario' object from list of Fit Summaries
DejaData.objectData frame of covariates for simulating recurrent events
DropoutMechanism.objectDropoutMechanism object
expandEventCountExpand event counts into a list of event times
extract_resultsExtract the results of running a scenario
GetImputedDataSetOutput a single imputed data set
ImportSimImport an existing data frame for use with the package
ImputeProduce imputed data sets
ImputeMechanism.objectImputeMechanism object
ImputeSimFit.objectImputeSimFit object
ImputeSim.objectImputeSim object
LinearRateChangeDropCreate a Dropout Mechanism with drop out rate which changes...
MakeDejaDataCreate a 'DejaData' object
numberSubjectsS3 generic to output the number of subjects in a given object
Scenario.objectScenario object
simDataSimulated recurrent event data.
SimfitS3 generic for fitting models
SimulateCompleteSimulate a complete data set
SimulateDropoutSimulate subject dropout
SingleSimFit.objectSingleSimFit object
SingleSim.objectSingleSim Object
subjectsPerArmS3 generic to output the number of subjects in each arm for a...
summary.ImputeSimFit.objectsummary.ImputeSimFit object
summary.Scenario.objectsummary.Scenario object
summary.SingleSim.objectsummary.SingleSim object
weighted_j2rCreate a weighted_j2r 'ImputeMechanism' object
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