Man pages for sckott/analogsea
Interface to 'Digital Ocean'

accountGet account information
actionRetrieve an existing action by action id
actionsList actions across all droplets.
adjectivesAdjectives to use for seeding random word selection when name...
analogsea-defunctDefunct functions in 'analogsea'
analogsea-deprecatedDeprecated functions in 'analogsea'
analogsea-packageR client for Digital Ocean
cloud_configGenerate cloud config file.
debianHelpers for managing a debian droplets.
docklet_createDocklets: docker on droplets.
docklets_createDocklets: docker on droplets - create many docklets
domain_createCreate/delete domains.
domain_recordsList, create, update, and delete domain records.
domainsGet information on a single domain or all your domains.
do_oauthAuthorize with Digital Ocean.
do_optionsSet Digital Ocean options including ssh keys, etc.
dropletRetrieve a single droplet.
droplet_actionPerform various actions on a droplet.
droplet_actionsRetrieve a droplet action or list all actions associatd with...
droplet_createCreate a new droplet.
droplet_deleteDelete a droplet.
droplet_do_actionsPerform actions on one or more droplets associated with a tag
droplet_executeExecute R code on a droplet.
droplet_freezeFreeze/thaw droplets.
droplet_kernels_listList all available kernels for a droplet.
droplet_modifyModify a droplet.
droplet_reuseReuse a droplet or image by name
dropletsList all available droplets.
droplets_costCalculate cost across droplets
droplets_createCreate many new droplets.
droplet_snapshotTake and restore snapshots.
droplet_sshRemotely execute ssh code, upload & download files.
droplet_upgrades_listList all droplets that are scheduled to be upgraded.
droplet_waitWait for a droplet to be ready.
httr-verbshttr wrappers.
image_actionsRetrieve an action associated with a particular image id.
image_convertConvert an backup image to a snapshot.
image_deleteRename/delete an image
imagesGet list of images and their metadata, or a single image
image_transferTransfer an image to a specified region.
key-crudCreate, update, and delete ssh keys.
keysList your ssh keys, or get a single key
neighborsList neighbors
nounsNouns to use for seeding random word selection when name not...
pipePipe operator
rate_limitRate limit information for the authenticated user.
regionsGet list of regions and their metadata
resizeResize a droplet by power off, snapshot, and create new...
sizesGet all the available sizes that can be used to create a...
snapshotsSnapshot operations
spacesSpaces storage operations
standardise_keysStandardise specification of ssh keys.
tag_createCreate a tag
tag_deleteDelete a tag
tag_rename-defunctRename a tag
tag_resourceTag a resource
tag_resource_deleteUntag a resource
tagsList tags
volume-actionsAttach a volume to a droplet
volumesBlock storage operations
words1000 words to use for seeding random word selection when name...
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