Man pages for sckott/sacbox

capwordsCapitalize the first letter of a character string.
cbind_fillcbind version of rbind.fill - force columns of data.frames...
colClassesCoerces data.frame columns to the specified classes
fitmodFit model tools.
ggmoddiagPlot model diagnostics in a grid, with inputs.
ggqqplotMake a q-q plot for model diagnostics
knitpostPrepare a markdown post for jekyll.
lakedataSearch for taxonomy data from
load_defaultsLoad default parameter values of a function, list of...
merge_listRecursively merge data.frame's
modfit_fixed_onlyFit model tools.
myciCalculates the confidence interval of a vector of data.
renamefilesRename a bunch of files in a directory with the same regex...
reqEasy require/library.
simbalSimulate balanced and unbalanced trees.
simbaltreesSimulate a set of balanced and unbalanced trees.
simtraitsSimulate traits on each tree.
sliceFunction to break up a vector by certain N sized chunks.
timetestsGet run times for all tests in a package.
unnestUnnest a nested list.
vecrepReplace many elements in a vector at the same time
write_fastaWrite a fasta file to directory to use for whatever, e.g.,...
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