Man pages for sctyner/dprocsim
Distribution Estimation Accounting for Prior Uncertainty in a Bayesian Analysis

augment_cdfAugment a CDF to full domain and range
check_cdf_boundsCheck CDF values fall in between bounds
check_cdf_distCompute distance from given bounds
check_cdf_regionsCheck that the given proportions of CDFs fall in the given...
dppost_simSimulate from a DP Posterior
dppost_sim2Simulate many Distributions from DP Posteriors
dpprior_simSimulate from a DP Prior
dpprior_sim2Simulate many Distributions from DP Priors
dprocsim'dprocsim' package
draw_from_ecdfSimulate from a given empirical CDF.
drawn_cdf_simSimulate from a drawn CDF
eval_densDensity Estimation for a DP Posterior
F_0Simulate from Prior Centering Measure
F_0_primeSimulate from Posterior Centering Measure
in_rangeCheck if a Value Falls in Interval
pipePipe operator
run_shinyRun Built-In Shiny App(s)
spline_funsHelpful closures
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