Man pages for seabbs/ceplotr
Model Agnostic Plotting for Cost Effectiveness Analysis

ce_dashboardRun a Cost Effectiveness Interactive Dashboard
ceplotr-packageceplotr: Model Agnostic Plotting for Cost Effectiveness...
check_costsCheck the structure of the costs
check_health_utilityCheck the structure of the health utilities
check_simulationCheck the structure of the model simulations
combine_dataCombine Model Simulations, Costs, and Health Utilities
example_costsExample Costs
example_health_utilityExample Health Utilities
example_parametersExample Model Parameters
example_simulationExample Model Simulation
plot_ceacPlot the Cost Effectiveness Acceptability Curve
plot_ce_planePlot the Cost Effectiveness Plane
plot.ceplotr_analysisPlotting a cost effectiveness analysis
plot_prccPlot output sensitivty to parameters
plot_willingnessPlot the Willingness to Pay
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
summary.ceplotr_analysisSummarising a cost effectiveness analysis
test_prccTest cost sensitivity using PRCC
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