Man pages for seandavi/CollaborativeBookdown
Utilities and documentation for building collaborative bookdown materials

buildSingleRepoBookBuild a gitbook from a skeleton repo and single package
checkVignetteCheck an '.Rmd' file that will be included in bookdown
cloneRepoclone bookdown master repo
collectBibliographyFilescollect bibliograhy files from Rmd yaml frontmatter
copyRmdcopy an R markdown file, optionally removing yaml frontmatter
fixMultipleFirstLevelHeadersFix multiple first-level headers in an R markdown file
installedVignettesCheck for installed Rmd files in system package directory
linkSystemFilesLink from absolute system.file to local directory
loggingPackageInstallinstall package and capture output
replaceYamlFrontMatterreplace YAML frontmatter in Rmd file
reposFromURLsFrom git-like URLs, return the correct install string
testPackageInstallsTest package installation success
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