Man pages for seandavi/cRomwell
Interact with the Broad Institute Cromwell workflow manager

cromwellAbortAbort a cromwell job
cromwellBackendsList available backends for a cromwell endpoint
cromwellBaseSet and get base URL and port for cromwell server
cromwellBatchSubmit a cromwell batch job
cromwell_GETPerform a GET request to cromwell server
cromwellLogsGet log paths associated with one or more workflow ids
cromwellMetadataGet metadata associated with one or more workflow ids
cromwellOutputsGet output paths associated with one or more workflow ids
cromwell_POSTPerform a POST request to cromwell server
cromwellQueryGet the info about cromwell workflows
cromwellSingleSubmit a single cromwell job
cromwellStatsGet current statistics for cromwell endpoint
cromwellVersionGet version of the cromwell server
getCromwellJarUtility to fetch the cromwell JAR file
getWdltoolJarUtility to fetch the wdltool JAR file
wdltoolInputsreturn inputs from wdltool
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