Man pages for seasmith/blg
Helper functions and data (i.e. colors) for my blogging experience

blg_bind_list_rowsBind a list of 'rows' (vectors) into a single tibble.
blg_bind_list_tibblesCombine (union) a list of data frames or tibbles into a...
blg_days_in_yearFind the number of days in a date's year.
blg_frmt_capitalizeCapitalize the first word in a string, not the individual...
blg_frmt_eraseDelete every other label in a character vector.
blg_frmt_percentControl how percentages are printed.
blg_frmt_staggerAdd a prefixed line break literal to every other string in a...
blg_frmt_wrapWrap long strings with a line break literal
blg_frmt_wrap_staggerWrap and stagger labels.
blg_opts_knitr_chunkSets the knitr options that I like
blg_opts_knitr_hooksSets the knitr options that I like
blg_opts_RSets the R options that I like
blg_source_valueCollect only the 'value' from the 'source()' function.
blg_theme_defaultA 'theme_minimal' based theme.
blg_tibblefyConvert parsed JSON data (list) into a nested tibble.
clrsMy colors.
file_pathA file path generator that ends with file separator.
plot_linesA new way of getting line plots of all the variables.
state_lookupState lookup tibble.
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