Man pages for sebschub/klimageodb
Tools for the Klimageographie database

database_fieldsCollection of arguments to "@inheritParams" from
dbAdd_calibration_stateAdd calibrated devices to 'calibration_state' table
dbAddCorrection_station_adlershofAdd corrections of 'station_adlershof' measurements
dbAddCorrection_station_patagoniaAdd corrections of 'station_patagonia' measurements
dbAdd_deviceAdd devices to 'device' table
dbAdd_device_modelAdd device models to 'device_model' table
dbAdd_device_uncalibratedInsert data into 'device' and 'calibration_state' without...
dbAdd_integrationAdd integration kind to 'integration' table
dbAdd_measurandAdd measurand to 'measurand' table
dbAdd_physical_quantityAdd a physical quantity into 'physical_quantity' table
dbAdd_station_adlershofAdd measurements to 'station_adlershof' table
dbAdd_station_patagoniaAdd measurements to 'station_patagonia' table
dbConnect_klimageoConnect to klimageo database
dbWithTransaction_or_SavepointSelf-contained SQL commands within new transactions or...
dbWriteTable_device_manufacturerInsert data into 'device_manufacturer' table
dbWriteTable_device_typeInsert data into 'device_type' table
dbWriteTable_integration_typeInsert data into 'integration_type' table
dbWriteTable_personInsert data into 'person' table
dbWriteTable_quality_flagInsert data into 'quality_flag' table
dbWriteTable_siteInsert data into 'site' table
get_cf_standard_names_tableGet CF standard name table
get_cf_unit_descriptionGet unit and description of a variable from CF standard name...
get_columnsGet columns as a data frame from a table
get_primarykeyGet primary key name of a table
readtableTable reading
write_tableWrite table to database
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