Man pages for selbouhaddani/OmicsPLS
Data Integration with Two-Way Orthogonal Partial Least Squares

adjR2Gridwise adjusted R2 for O2PLS
crossval_o2mCross-validate procedure for O2PLS
crossval_o2m_adjR2Adjusted Cross-validate procedure for O2PLS
input_checkerCheck if matrices satisfy input conditions
loadingsExtract the loadings from an O2PLS fit
loocvK fold CV for O2PLS
loocv_combiK-fold CV based on symmetrized prediction error
mseCalculate mean squared difference
o2mPerform O2-PLS data integration with two-way orthogonal...
o2m2Perform O2-PLS with two-way orthogonal corrections
o2m_strippedPerform O2-PLS with two-way orthogonal corrections
o2m_stripped2Perform O2-PLS with two-way orthogonal corrections
OmicsPLSData integration with O2PLS: Two-Way Orthogonal Partial Least...
orthOrthogonalize a matrix
plot.o2mPlot one or two loading vectors for class o2m
pow_o2mNIPALS method for PLS2
pow_o2m2Power method for PLS2
predict.o2mPredicts X or Y
print.cvo2mCross-validate procedure for O2PLS
print.o2mPrint function for O2PLS.
print.pre.o2mPrint function for O2PLS.
print.summary.o2mPrints the summary of an O2PLS fit
rmsepRoot MSE of Prediction
rmsep_combiSymmetrized root MSE of Prediction
scoresExtract the scores from an O2PLS fit
ssqCalculate Sum of Squares
summary.o2mSummary of an O2PLS fit
vnormNorm of a vector or columns of a matrix
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