Man pages for seldas/Dforest
Decision Forest

Con_DTConstruct Decision Tree model with pruning
Data_simpleQSAR dataset with DILI endpoint for demo
DF_accPerformance evaluation from Decision Tree Predictions
DF_calpT-test for feature selection
DF_ConfPlotDecision Forest algorithm: confidence level accumulated plot
DF_ConfPlot_accuDecision Forest algorithm: confidence level accumulated plot...
DF_CVDecision Forest algorithm: Model training with...
DF_CVsummaryoutput summary for Dforest Cross-validation results
DF_dataFsDecision Forest algorithm: Feature Selection in...
DF_dataPreDecision Forest algorithm: Data pre-processing
DforestDemo script to lean Decision Forest package Demo data are...
DFp1_CVDecision Forest preferred-1 algorithm: Model training with...
DFp1_trainDecision Forest preferred-1 algorithm: Model training
DFp2_predDecision Forest algorithm: Model prediction wiht DFp2
DFp2_trainDecision Forest preferred-2 algorithm: Model training
DF_perfperformance evaluation between two factors
DF_predDecision Forest algorithm: Model prediction
DF_trainDecision Forest algorithm: Model training
DF_Trainsummaryoutput summary for Dforest test results
Pred_DTDoing Prediction with Decision Tree model
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