Man pages for senhu/FCBMA
Factor collapsing with Bayesian model averaging for regression models

AddOnSearchSearch the optimal model region from a close-to-optimum model
bic.model.weightApproximate model posterior probability using BIC.
collapse.dataReorganise dataset
combineCollapsingCombining the best collapsings from factors collapsed...
convert.cano.graycodeConvert a given graycode into its canonical format
factor.level.collapsingFactor collapsing over one factor
FCBMAFactor collapsing (FC) with Bayesian model averaging (BMA)...
fc.model.refitRefit a model based on collapsed factors
GiniGini index calculation graycode to listing of partition
partition.neighbourGenerate neighbours of a graycode with or withour...
predict.fcPrediction based on FC
rxAICtoBICconvert from AIC to BIC, from a rxGlm model
setPartitionsGenerate set partitions
SplitAtSplit a vector at a certain location/position
TournamentSelectionTournament Selection
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