Man pages for seonghobae/flirt.x32
Flexible Item Response Theory Modeling

anovaAnova method for fitted nested models
charitycharity item responses
coefExtract estimated coefficients
dendrify2Expandsion of item responses based on an item resonse tree
flirtUni- and Multi- dimensional Item Response Theory Analysis
flirt-packageFlexible item response theory modeling with efficient maximum...
IRFPlot item response curves
IRF_polPlot category response curves for polytomous items
item_design_binVerbal Aggression Data: item covariates
item_design_polVerbal Aggression Data: item covariates
item_design_pol_fullVerbal Aggression Data: item covariates
item_design_ratingVerbal Aggression Data
Item_infoPlot item information function
linkingData example for IRT linking
logLikExtract log-likelihood
person_designVerbal Aggression Data: Person design matrix
sciencescience item responses
spellingspelling item responses
spelling_wspelling item responses with frequency weights
std_coefStandardized factor loading parameter estimates and...
summarySummary method for fitted models
Test_infoPlot test information function
verb2Verbal Aggression Data: binary responses
verb3Verbal Aggression Data: polytomous responses
VerbAggVerbal Aggression item responses
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