Man pages for sergioluengosanchez/spineSimulation
Dendritic spine simulation from a probabilistic model

chiSquareTestChisquare test
chiSquareTestClusterChisquare test by cluster
chiSquareTestDistanceChisquare distance to soma
computeMDSCompute multidimensional scaling
computeOverlappingOverlapping between pairs of clusters
generateArffWrite to Arff file
plotAgeBarplot spine distribution by age
plotBICPlot BIC values
plotCombinationBarplot spine distribution by combination of dendritic...
plotDendriticCompartmentBarplot spine distribution by dendritic compartment
plotDistance2SomaBarplot distance to soma
plotGlobalDistributionBarplot spine distribution by cluster
plotMDSPlot result of multidimensional scaling
plotTotalVarianceBarplot total variance (log)
simulation3Dmesh3D virtual spine
spineClusteringClustering dendritic spines
spineSamplingSimulate new spines
spineSimulation-package3D morphological clustering and simulation of human dendritic...
thresholdBelongingGet the numbers of spines with a belonging probability under...
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