Man pages for setgree/PrejMetaFunctions
Standard Operating Procedures for meta-analyses by the Paluck Lab

count_and_robustCount Unique Observations and Perform Robust Meta-Analysis
d_calcCalculate Cohen's D or Glass's ∆
difference_in_proportion_calcCalculate Glass's Delta based on Difference in Proportions
manage_referencesGenerate references from a dataset and manage BibTeX file
map_robustApply metafor::robust in a pipe sequence or to subsets using...
odds_ratio_to_dConvert Odds Ratio to Cohen's D
render_commit_pushRender, commit, and push changes for an R Markdown document
study_countCount the Number of Unique Observations in a Dataset or...
sum_lmPrint Core Results from summary(lm()) in a Neat Table
sum_tabCreate a Frequency Table for a Variable in a Data Frame
var_d_calcCalculate Variance of Cohen's D or Glass's ∆
write_dockerfileRGenerates a Dockerfile based on sessioninfo::package_info()
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