Man pages for sevenpark/AvenueAPI-R
Retrieve Data from 7Park Data's Avenue API

cc_namesValid Firm Names for the Credit Card Data Series
check_api_keyFunction to check the validity of an Avenue API key
check_dateFunction to check the validity of date inputs
check_dom_sourceFunction to check the validity of an Avenue traffic domain
check_rev_firmCheck that a specificied company name is contained within the...
check_rev_sourceFunction to check the validity of an Avenue Revenue series...
connect_avenueSet credentials for a 7Parkdata Avenue API connection.
extension_namesValid Domain Names for the Avenue Extension Series
extract_metricsHelper function to transform an AvenueAPI data object from...
fetch_app_series-methodsfetch_app_series Methods
fetch_data-methodsfetch_data Method.
fetch_revenue_series-methodsfetch_revenue_series Methods
fetch_traffic_series-methodsfetch_traffic_series Methods
m1_namesValid Firm Names for the Merchant Intel Data Series
m2_namesValid Firm Names for the Merchant Intel2 Data Series
transform_avenue_seriesTransform a 7Parkdata Avenue API return into a "long" or...
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