Man pages for sfeuerriegel/ResearchGroupTools
Collection of Custom Helper Functions

adfAugmented Dickey-Fuller (ADF) test
allDigitsLabelsggplot labels showing all digits
ceilDownward rounding of numbers
cointegrationTableCointegration test
completeLowResolutionDataDuplicates data with low time resolution to match high...
correlationMatrixPretty correlation matrix
cumsdCumulativate versions of skewness, kurtosis, sd, adv
descriptiveStatisticsPretty summary statistics
differencesLagged differences
exportAdfDifferencesExport multiple ADF tests
extractRegressionStatisticsExtracts key statistics of regression
extract_spikeslabFunction to perform 'textreg' export of 'spikeslab' objects.
extract_tvaluesExtract t-values from lm object
findColsNANames of columns with 'NA' values
findRowsNAIndices of rows with 'NA' values
getRowsOutlierRemovalIdentify row numbers for outlier removal
grapes-plus-grapesOperator for concatenating
impulseResponsePlotCalculation and pretty plot of impulse response function
jplotPlotting routine in journal-style
lagsMultiple lags of time series
last_non_NAReturns the last non-NA entry
LibraryWrapper function for loading and installing packages
linePlotRapid line plot with ggplot2
loadRegressionLibrariesLoads and installs default libraries for regressions
logReturnsLagged log-returns
makeFormulaCreate formula from strings
plotIrfPretty plot of impulse response function
print.RGT_plotRoutine to call plotting functionality
pullExtracts a column from a tbl object
rebuildPackageBuilds, loads and checks package
regressionCustomized all-in-one regression function
regressionStepwiseStep-wise regression
removeOutlierObservationsRemoves observations with outliers
returnsLagged returns
scientificLabelsggplot labels with exponential notation
showCoeftestHides variables in coefficient test
showColsNAShow columns with 'NA' values
showRowsNAShow rows with 'NA' values
standardizeCoefficientsStandardized coefficients
testDiagnosticsTest assumptions of least squares
testSpecificationSpecification tests for VAR model
texreg_tvaluestexreg output with t-values
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