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Simple Tools for Examining and Cleaning Dirty Data

add_totals_colAppend a totals column to a data.frame.
add_totals_rowAppend a totals row to a data.frame.
adorn_crosstabAdd presentation formatting to a crosstabulation table.
adorn_nsAdd underlying Ns to a tabyl displaying percentages.
adorn_pct_formattingFormat a data.frame of decimals as percentages.
adorn_percentagesConvert a data.frame of counts to percentages.
adorn_roundingRound the numeric columns in a data.frame.
adorn_totalsAppend a totals row and/or column to a data.frame.
as_tabylAdd 'tabyl' attributes to a data.frame.
clean_namesCleans names of a data.frame.
convert_to_NAConvert string values to true 'NA' values.
crosstabGenerate a crosstabulation of two vectors.
excel_numeric_to_dateConvert dates encoded as serial numbers to Date class.
get_dupesGet rows of a 'data.frame' with identical values for the...
janitor_deprecatedDeprecated Functions in Package janitor
pipePipe operator
remove_empty_colsRemoves empty columns from a data.frame.
remove_empty_rowsRemoves empty rows from a data.frame.
round_half_upRound a numeric vector; ties will be rounded up, ala...
tabylGenerate a frequency table (1-, 2-, or 3-way).
top_levelsGenerate a frequency table of a factor grouped into top-n,...
untabylRemove 'tabyl' attributes to a data.frame.
use_first_valid_ofReturns first non-NA value from a set of vectors.
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