Man pages for sflorezp/modulesRReport
Use easily Widgets, components, functions and many other packages in Shiny de multiples librerias en Shiny

addGroupByTypeGroup Data By Time Agrupation and Sum Any Column Value
agrupaUIGrouping Types Widget
barPlotlyPlotly Bar Chart
buttonUIButton Widget
dataTableGenerates Data Table
dataTableUIData Table Widget
dateRangeLastMonthUIDate Past Month Range Widget
dateRangeLastYearUIDate Past Year Range Widget
dateRangeTodayUISyS Date Range Widget
dateTodayUIDate Only a Day Widget
dygraphObjectUIDygraphs Objects
loadBarUILoading Bar Widget
plotlyObjectUIPlotly Objects
timeSeriesDygraphsDygraphs Time Series Chart
timeSeriesPlotlyPlotly Time Series Chart
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